Translating for pet lovers
English to french translation for animal products and services


Alice Salmon

Alice Salmon

As a professional translator, I am a specialist in the field of products and services for pets. A choice of specialisation guided by my passion: the animal world.
I have been working and training in this field for several years.
As a consumer myself and based in France, I am very close to the customers you are targeting, and I am perfectly aware of their needs and expectations.

Area of knowledge

  • Dog education: Positive reinforcement
  • Study of the behaviour of dogs and cats
  • French legislation on pets
  • Dog grooming
  • Biology and ecology of the living world



Proof reading


Specialized translation consists not only in translating a text word for word from one language into another, but also in transposing a text, originally written for a target audience in the source country, into another language for an audience in another country and therefore with a different culture and customs. The right choice of sentences and words is essential to ensure that the initial message of the source text is as effective in another language.

The place of pets in France

It is well known that our four-legged companions contribute to our well-being: comfort, cuddles, laughter. It is even said that they contribute to making people more empathetic.
It is surely for all these reasons that their place in our homes is more and more important. In 2019, 70% of pet owners say they consider their pet as a full-fledged member of their family.
Today there are more than 7.6 million dogs and 12.7 million cats in France. One out of 2 households owns a pet and the budget devoted to them increases each year (on average 650€/year for a dog and 300€/year for a cat). This market represents nearly 5 billion euros per year in France.
Our fluffy pets have not finished being pampered and loved!



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